Cake smash / One year old

Vancouver cake smash photography
Vancouver cake smash photography
Vancouver cake smash photography

Celebrating one-year old’s cake smash is such a fun and exciting time.
For the clients who book the cake smash session, they either choose to bring the cake themselves or add a Giant Cupcake designed and made in JaNa Photography on top of their package. The cake will be decorated with beautiful buttercream roses in 2 colors. You can choose the color of the roses. The cakes are home baked and delicious.  If they aren’t too destroyed we put them on a container for the parents to take home.

We also ask about clients’ colour preferences for the thyme of the session. They pick mostly blue, green or gray for the baby boys and pink, peachy, purple or any set up coordinating colour for baby girls.

We prepare the set up with flags, banner, balloons or the other props we have in studio. Clients are always more than welcome to bring their own props for their one-year-old photography session.

But the cake smash can go sideways and not all the babies enjoy touching or playing with the cake. It’s ok if the baby does not like the situation and we are always ready for that. But Most of all its so much fun. Babies show their sense right away and we are here to make sure baby and parents are having fun, because it’s all about having fun!!!

Before starting the cake smash we do some other poses to ensure we get you a nice 1-year collection. We normally start with few family shots, the combination of holding the letters of word ONE and other set ups. This would be a great warm up for baby to get use to the new location and its always great that after cleaning up the baby, the session will be done.


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Contact us to book your 1-year-old cake smash photography session. It’s one of the best stages to be captured and preserved. 1-year-old cake smash is a great celebration  to the end of the amazing year that your baby has been through. Let’s celebrate it together.