Vancouver maternity photography | Park & Tilford Gardens

Vancouver maternity photography - Park Tilford Gardens
Vancouver maternity photographyJana Photography in Vancouver had the pleasure of joining these lovely couples for their maternity photo shoot at Park & Tilford Gardens. With breathtaking sceneries in every spot, this location truly is a magical place to capture maternity shots. We have a large selection of gowns in our studio for moms, so they get to choose the ones the...
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North Vancouver newborn photography | Hero

North Vancouver, newborn photography Hero
North Vancouver newborn photography As Vancouver and North Vancouver newborn photography studio, we were pleased to work with this little princess at our studio.  Little Hero had the cutest smile and she was a sweetest little girl so we could pose her in various positions. She was one of the happiest newborns we ever had and she had the biggest and most adorable smile. ...
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Richmond Newborn photography | Arthur

Richmond Newborn photography
Richmond Newborn photography Arthur and his Pomeranian brothers We’ve had requests from all over the Greater Vancouver Area to incorporate dogs into our photos. From Surrey, Richmond, Burnaby and both North and West Vancouver, families wanted every loved one to be included in these important family milestones - even the furry ones! Back when the studio was in our home, w...
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Maternity and Newborn photography – Vancouver, Burnaby | Arya

Maternity Newborn photography - Vancouver, Burnaby
Maternity, Newborn Photography Vancouver, Burnaby The late stages of pregnancy provide a busy yet exciting schedule for parents-to-be. This lovely couple came to us 36 weeks into the pregnancy, wanting to take maternity photos in our photography studio. Usually, we recommend 30-34 weeks for maternity photo shoots, but this glowing mother was so delighted and comfortable with...
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JaNa photography – Canada day

Canada day has always been special for us here at JaNa Photography. Around this time 3 years ago, Jafar and I (Nasim) made one of the biggest decisions of our life and moved to Vancouver, Canada. Though we had been maternity and new born photographers for a few years back home, we had to start from scratch when we got to Canada. JaNa photography - Canada day We started ...
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Maternity & Newborn photography – Deer Lake Park Burnaby

Maternity & Newborn Photography - Deer Lake Park Burnaby Deer Lake Park, Burnaby, is a magical location and a great spot to capture the perfect maternity shots. Our mom was super passionate and had a great taste of style and colour. She brought a lovely red dress for her outdoor maternity photo shoot. Combined with a red flower we had taken from our Vancouver studio, ...
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Newborn photography Burnaby, Vancouver | Duke

Newborn photography Burnaby, Vancouver  Since we started our Maternity and Newborn Photography business our clients have been coming for their Maternity and Newborn Photography shoots from all across British Columbia; Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey, Coquitlam, Langley, North Vancouver and West Vancouver. But Lately our clients have been booking us in advance from all over Can...
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Newborn photography Burnaby | Hussain

Newborn photography Burnaby This little guy had a full head of hair at 14 days old when he came to our studio for his newborn photography session! Best Burnaby newborn photographer is Jana photography. He was such a sweetie and let us take so many great newborn positions of him.  He posed perfectly for the potato sac, butterfly (bump up), side position, and the tu...
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Newborn photography Vancouver | Mia

Newborn_photography_Vancouver _mom and newborn black and white
Newborn photography Vancouver This precious sweetheart came to our Vancouver studio with the whole family for their newborn photography session. Her parents and grandparents were such a pleasure to work with. We love it when we have some free time in between shots (when the baby is taking some time to rest) to chat with the family and learn about their story. It's always ...
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Vancouver cake smash photography | Nikki

Vancouver cake smash photography “Cake smashes photo settings " have become very popular lately in Vancouver.  We take a perfectly good cake and let your little one at it, making a real mess of it! They usually turn out great and at the end of the session, we always have some truly special cake smash pictures for your little one's 1st birth...
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Heart warming feedback – Newborn & Maternity photography

Newborn photography - backstage - feedback
Heart warming feedback Newborn & Maternity Photography We are always curious and want to know how our clients found and chose us. Some people find us via referrals, some search online and choose us based on reviews. We sometimes talk ourselves on google and yelp to see if we have any new reviews. We really appreciate our clients who take the time to write such heart-warmin...
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Newborn photography Vancouver | Aiden

Newborn photography Vancouver This little guy is one sweet cookie. I photographed Aiden, after his due date, at 10 days old.  As a newborn photographer, We are always trying to keep babies asleep the entire session. We send instructions ahead of the session with tips to keep them sleeping through the shoot, we play white noise on a special machine...
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Newborn, Maternity photography North Vancouver

Maternity Photography North Vancouver It is no secret that Nasim loves studio maternity photography the most! She loves to play with the light and create an airy natural look, especially in maternity shoots, her style really gives the photos that romantic and timeless look everyone is looking for. This beautiful mama wore some great pieces from our studio&nbs...
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Maternity & Newborn photography Vancouver | Akajah

Maternity Newborn photography Vancouver | Akajah How we photograph a toddler with a newborn baby?? This is what we do when we have a toddler around the age of 12 months to 2 years old. To consider the safety for the newborn baby we sometimes need to create the final image with the composite of 2 individual pictures.  first shot the sibling with the bucket and the second s...
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100 days old photography Vancouver | Thomas

100 days old photography Vancouver One of our very favorite aspects of being a newborn & baby photographer is having the privilege of photographing our little clients again and seeing how much they have changed in just a few months. Precious Baby Thomas celebrated his 100 days in a happy mood at his-month (100 days old) photo session. This is a special milestone in his C...
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